Botania Decoration | Minecraft Addon

Some people bored with the plants in minecraft which too pixelated, and doesnt looks real. Well.. this addon created too brings new prespective to the plants..
This addon add new entities to the game which can be used for decoration your house, garde, and even your base too..
If you really want to make your safehouse looks cool or beauty, you are coming to the right place.

This addon add new plants with lots of model variant and colors. The plant itself can be placed indoor or outdoor. Check the pictures below for the preview..

How to change the plants color?

  1. Mobile :press sneak and face the plant, 
  2. Tap "Next" to change the color.
  3. Windows 10 :right click while you sneak and face the plant,
  4. to change the colors.

  • Once you done download the mcpack, click or tap download notification.
or, open your file manager, find the mcpack file then open it.
  • Minecraft logo will appear when you tap or open the mcpack file.
  • you will directed to minecraft then wait for a couple second till the mcpack installed.
  • when you done, create a new world and activate "Experimental Gameplay" option and you done.

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3 Responses to "Botania Decoration | Minecraft Addon"

  1. Hey your addon is great but there is many minecraft player who like military so i suggest you would like to make WW2 addon

  2. Please make a addon GMC sierra 1500 denali 2020 addon

  3. Bro pls Bring Bugatti Divo or Centodieci