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This is the newest version from my old addon called "Happy Family" which was released almost 3 years ago and now I'm trying to create the Remake version of Happy Family.
Since Minecraft Versions are not always the same. The code of this addon is also different from the old one, and I need to rewrite the code for this version from scratch.
Just like the old version, the feature of this addon is to add a new entity as NPC to your Minecraft and you can build a relationship with them and also have a child.


From the beginning, the NPC will be spawned with random Names, but you can change their names as many as you like.
For now, only Female Adult NPCs are available. and Male for the Child.
I will make another version of the addon, and only for Male Adult NPCs.


You can check the NPC's status from the popup window that will be shown when you stay close to them.

You can build your relationship by giving them any item in the game to fill the empty bar. 
The bar will not be filled easily, and there's a chance you can fail to increase your Relationship Depends which item that you give to them.
for example:
Apple: have 10% probability of success but 90% fail
another items: have 30% probability of success

(Not everything in the game can be used as a gift.. )

You can propose an engagement with Emerald when the Girlfriend bar has full filled. But, only 10% probability of success. hahaha.
But don't worry, this is the last thing that you will give to the NPCs.
Because when you reach a "FIANCEE" relationship or above. You only need to "Flirt" them, no more wasting of items.

You need to Sneak in front of your fiancee and the Menu will be Shown.
Since the NPCs have become your Fiance/Fiancee, you can use:

Flirt: to increase your relationship with your Fiance/Fiancee before they become your Wife/Husband.
Follow/Unfollow: Can be used to give orders to the NPCs to follow or unfollow you.

When the NPCs have become your wife, you can give them tasks for cook.
Just give them raw meat like Raw Beef/Porkchop etc.
and they will give you Rabbit Stew.

(More tasks will be available in future Updates)

When your baby was born you need to full fill the Heart icon By using "Care" in the Sneaking Menu. And when all of them are filled. the baby will transform into a Teenager.. You need to prepare 3 Items to help you raise them :

Baby Toys: The baby will Crying when you failed to Care your baby, and you need this thing to make your baby Happy again.
( You can Care the baby only if the baby is in Happy Condition)

Baby Diaper: Sometimes the baby will Poo himself, and you need this thing to make them happy again.
If you not changing the Diaper, you will get Poisoned by the "BABY POO".

Baby Holder: Can be used to Pick Up the baby.
(Press Sneak + Use item, with Baby Holder in your hand. Do the same thing to Unpick up the Baby)

When the Baby becomes a Teenager, then will have 2 Random Traits.
As you can see in the Image below, he has 2 Permanent Effects on them.

And also, You can give them various tasks.
Use Sneak Menu and Select "Give Job" with a specific item in your hand.
Hold Iron, Diamond, or Netherite Axe to ask them to find Wood Logs.
Hold Iron, Diamond, or Netherite Pickaxe to ask them to find Ores.
Hold Bow to ask them to find Meats.

(More tasks will be available in future updates)

This Addon is still too far from Finish / Final release.
There are too many things that can be added to this addon.

Custom Animation 
( WIP )

Custom Entity Sound 
( WIP )

More Entity Skins
( Soon. you can let me use your "128x128" Skin. Post the link of your skin below.)

Better NPC Behavior
( WIP )

Custom Item
( WIP )

The reason why I'm releasing this too early is because, there's a lot of people requesting on my Youtube Comment, Instagram DMs, and Twitter to remake this addon. At least this version is better than my old Happy Family which was released almost 3 years ago.


You're not allowed to share and distribute this addon to another website without Team Tolol owner Permissions.
You're allowed to share this addon on your Website & Video Platform with Backlink & Credits to this website!

You're not allowed to Modify and Use any Components in this addon like the Models, Skins & Animations.

  • Once you did download the mcpack, click or tap the download notification.
or, open your file manager, find the mcpack file then open it.
  • The Minecraft logo will appear when you tap or open the mcpack file.
  • you will be directed to Minecraft then wait for a couple seconds till the mcpack is installed.
  • when you are done, create a new world and activate the "Experimental Gameplay" option and you have done.

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UPDATE 10/25
Change Log
-Girl Animation Rewrited & Changed
-Pick-Up Feature on Baby removed
-Item Toys & Item Baby Holder Removed
-Remove Player.json from the addon
-Teenager spawn with various names
-Add 2 More Skins for the Girl NPC


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