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This is just a simple addon that can be used to increase security in your house. especially if you playing on Minecraft Realms and you need to protect your treasure with this CCTV Addon.
I will just make this quick because you can learn how to use the addon by watching the Youtube video below.

1.0.1 Update

- Add HUD to the Camera.
- Changing the way how you install the Camera.
- Changing the way how you view the Camera's POV.
- Add Player & Monster Tracker Feature to the Camera.
- Add Voice Speaker to the Camera.
- Changing the Camera Model



 If you still confused with the video above.
follow this step.

(UPDATE 1.0.1 2023)

1. Craft the Camera CCTV and the CCTV Controller, you can check the recipe below here.

2. Summon the CCTV Controller, and adjust the rotation of the Controller by interacting with Controller and the conversation BOX will pop out, you can find the "ROTATION" button there.

3. Find the best place to attach the camera. and also you can adjust the rotation of the camera by interacting with the Camera.
if you feel bad about the Camera position, you can reinstall the camera with the "REINSTALL" button.

4. After you place the camera, now you must decide the number of the camera. this number is used by the CCTV controller to identify the camera. as example if you set the Camera number to 1.
this camera will be detected by the controller as "CAMERA 1"

5. That's it. you can redo what you have done before, to install another Camera.

(UPDATE 1.0.1 2023)

1. After installing the camera, you need to go to your CCTV Controller and press "ADD CAMERA"
if you have installed 4 cameras, then keep pressing "ADD CAMERA" until the "CAMERA 4" button appears in the CCTV Controller.

2. Now choose which camera you want to use. 
Before that, make sure the last slot on your Hot Bar is empty.

3. After Choosing which camera you want to use and entering the Camera POV.
you will get an item in your last Hot Bar. This is used as Camera Menu.

4. To use this Camera Menu item, you need to Use+Sneak.
And you will access the Camera menu where more features of the Camera will Appear.

5. When you are done playing around with the Camera Feature and want to go back to your Default Minecraft POV.
You just need to use the Camera Menu and then Press "STOP VIEW"

Planning :
- Make variants model of CCTV Camera in future
- Add sounds and animation to the cameras


You're not allowed to share and distribute this addon to another website without Team Tolol owner Permissions.
You're allowed to share this addon on your Website & Video Platform with Backlink & Credits to this website!

You're not allowed to Modify and Use any Components in this addon like the Models, Skins & Animations.

  • Once you did download the mcpack, click or tap the download notification.
or, open your file manager, find the mcpack file then open it.
  • The Minecraft logo will appear when you tap or open the mcpack file.
  • you will be directed to Minecraft then wait for a couple seconds till the mcpack is installed.
  • when you are done, create a new world and activate the "Experimental Gameplay" option and you have done.

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