Modern Warfare Battle Tanks

If you like playing multiplayer in minecraft with shooting theme. You coming to the right place!!
I introduce you "Modern Warfare : Battle Tanks"..
An Addon with Shooting feature and themed with "Modern Warfare" and "Tanks"..

This addon add 4 new entities to the game and not changing anything in Minecraft except "Snowball" and "Egg".
Oops.. Did i say "Anything" before?
forget it..


Only 4 tanks available for now and more Tanks will added in future. But you can doing request in comment which Tanks should be added to the addon.
  • Leopard ( Germany )

  • M1Abrams ( U.S.A )

  • T90M ( Russia )

  • Merkava ( Israeli )


  • Main Gun
This weapon is main weapon for all tanks and will cause lots of damage to the target.
*This weapon have delay 1 second for each shoot
  • Machine Gun
This weapon is secondary weapon for all tanks and cause small damage.
*This weapon have no delay for each shoot
  • Grenade Launcher
This weapon is secondary weapon for all tanks and cause medium damage to the target. But this weapon is only for short range target.
*This weapon have delay 1 second for each shoot


Normally if you spawn the Tanks with Egg Spawner, you will spawn normal tanks without "Machine Gun" and "Grenade Launcher".
To get them you need to upgrading the tanks.
And also, your Tanks will get more 100 Health when you doing Upgrade to your Tanks.


When your Tanks Health is too low, you can repair them to get new Full Health Tanks.
And when your Tanks destroyed, you will not able to use it anymore.
But you have a chance to repair them and make them back to normal.
But unfortunately it will cost delay time to repairing an destroyed tanks.
* Each Tier will cost 1minute delay 
If you repairing an Destroyed Normal tanks, it will take 1 minute to make them fully recovery
And if you repairing an Destroyed Upgraded Tanks, it will cost another 1 minute to repair them. ( Normal : 1 minute + Upgraded  1 minute = Total 2 Minutes)


You need to activating "Experimental Gameplay" option in map setting!!

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2 Responses to "Modern Warfare Battle Tanks"

  1. Gan bisa di update untuk versi mcpe 1.16 kalo dinaikin gak bisa nembak

  2. Can you update it for mcpe 1.16, the tanks can't shoot when I riding in it, please update it, I love your addon