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This addon adds various entities with Modern Warfare theme into the game. Designated to Protect players by Patrolling near player bases and eliminating all threatening entities near the players.
After Releasing "Guard & Patrol Medieval" and "Guard & Patrol Millenium" , now we move on to Modern Warfare theme version.
Entities like Soldiers, Tanks, Combat Vehicles, Aircrafts even Warships will available in this addon in future.

Version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.3

Have you tried my Previous "Guard & Patrol" addon before?

- Craft General Soldier Spawn Egg using Crafting Table
(Watch the video for the recipes)

- Hold 1 Diamond/Emerald/Gold Ingot in your hand, and offer it to Agent Broker
(Interact Button will Appear in Mobile, Right Click in Windows)

- After Offering the item, Tap the General Soldier again

- And Start Selecting your Soldiers

Spawn the Soldier that you received from the General Soldier

- Tame the Soldier using Gold Nugget

- Interact with the Soldier and select "GET BLOCKS"

- You will received specific blocks that used by the Soldier as Patrolling Post
Place it wherever you lilke.

- Your Soldier will start Patrolling when you start placing
the blocks


When the Soldiers HP reach 0, they will not di3d instantly.
they're just wounded.
You can heal them with "First Aid" and they will back to normal condition.

RPG/Rocket Launcher
RPG/Rocket Launcher is available in version 1.0.3.
Entities who holding RPG/Rocket Launcher are able to Hit/Reduce Health of armored vehicles like Humvees/ATVs.
Common Bullet from Rifles will not able to Reduce Armored Vehicles Health.

Soldier with Mortar is available in version 1.0.4.
These Entities are able to spot & find enemies 60 blocks away.
This Entity cannot move and only act as a Turret. You can change their position by using the "Replace" button when you interact with them.

A.I Armored Vehicle
In the future, some armored vehicles will be able operated by NPCs.
To let the NPCs operate your armored vehicles, you need to get an item
Called "Vehicle CREW". You can get this Item from General Soldier.
Go interact with your Armored Vehicle while holding this Item. It will Convert your Armored Vehicle into an NPCs Armored Vehicle which Operated by the NPCs.

If you want to change your Armored Vehicle Skin.
Just interact with your Armored Vehicle while Holding "Clipboard" on your hand.

Patrolling Route Rules:
The Mercenary cannot move to the next post if the Block distance are more than 15 Blocks.
If the Patrollers stuck and Cant find their next post, just use "Relocate" button.

The mercenary cannot move to the next post if the height of the next post are more than 7 blocks.


You're not allowed to share and distribute this addon to another website without Team Tolol owner Permissions.
You're allowed to share this addon on your Website & Video Platform wiBacklinksink & Credits to this website!

You're not allowed to Modify and Use any Components in this addon like the Models, Skins & Animations.

  • Once you did download the mcpack, click or tap the download notification.
or, open your file manager, find the mcpack file then open it.
  • The Minecraft logo will appear when you tap or open the mcpack file.
  • you will be directed to Minecraft then wait for a couple seconds till the mcpack is installed.
  • when you are done, create a new world and activate the "Experimental Gameplay" option and you have done.

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